Denver From 14th & Speer

by Douglas Bobby

denver from th speer seeking critique douglas bobby

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Published: Friday 11th of July 2003 11:50:37 PM


Tracy Wynn
I've never seen Denver look THIS good. The Chamber of Commerce ought to buy your photo!

Dave Tate
Excellent This is a beautiful, beautiful shot, please share some details.

Richard van Hoesel
Excellent technique Bobby and most of the image looks great. I'd be tempted to crop off half of the relatively featureless sky, or better still if possibly try this again on a night with a better sky.

Danielle Snyder
i definitely like the sky--you've captured the 'space' of it.

Ted Evans
The double exposure was a great idea! The sunset sky against the nightime cityscape is a cool effect. The foreground would ordinarily look busy and cluttered but it works in this image. I like it.

Sharon Benjamin
awesome awesome awesome shot, i love nighttime city shots and you've done a great job. very impressed with the color clarity and picture's crispness.

Uwe Stiens
What an amazing shot. The colours are beautiful and the exposure is perfect. I also would like to know some more technical details.Well done. Regards, Uwe.

Sam taha

Ken Williams ...
What are you on top of ?? ...................................... Do not say 'the world' ............................ !!

Ken Williams ...
I'm all signed up for the Hawaii trip and Jame's checking her family tree for sisters ............................. !!!

Morey Kitzman
Great capture and nice use of wide angle on 4 x 5. I like the action in the foreground and you got some cooperation with nature with the sky. Very nice.

Jame Cohn
WOW.. this takes the cake.. a wonderful shot!!!

Bryce V. Giroux
Excellent shot! I love "high speed" pictures, and you've made it more unique by double-exposing the sunset! Fantastic!

Drew Yeo
Very Nice

Robay Malouf
wow, wow, wow. thats to show the quality gets on top. surely a great picture.

Adam D. Green
I would love to know how you did it,it is an amazing technique that you have pulled of very well. I think the tree in the bottom right corner could have axed, but it is hardly noticable anyway.

steve champagne
Very nice effect !

Umair Ghani
Grabs u like marlin Manroe. Only the green on extreme left foreground seems 2 much into the pic. Still a Gr8 shot !

vipin goje
thats Beautiful After seeing this photograph, I felt that digital photography is very much behind then film photography, u don a great job by double exposing on film which digital camera can’t do.

Vincent K. Tylor
Hey Bobby I might have a free trip to Hawaii for you and Ken. Oh, great shot! The color in the sky makes this one special. How many ratings????? I can barely count that high.

Ken Williams ...
Vince he said he is 'buying' us lunch ................................................ Bobby, in this time of difficulty for you I just want you to know that if there is anything Vince can do to help -- just let me know ............................... !!!

Ken Williams ...
Glad to hear you're Ok ................... I use to date a girl named - "I got laid off from my real job and have been busting my ass to try and make this photography thing work for real money " too.......... Maybe she is the same one !!

Bobby Douglas
Sorry I Was Out To Lunch Oh Ya Sister's now you have my attention sign me up man! I was on top of the building at 14th & Speer, There is a King Soopers store and a parking garage on the first level.

Vincent K. Tylor
Did Bobby say he was out to lunch....or IS out to lunch??

Vincent K. Tylor
Actually Cliff and Jame have the big bonds not me. I would be happy to ask them for one if you think it will help. (what time of difficulty for Bobby by the way...been raining)??

Jame Cohn
actually I'm one of those "trying to make it in this crazy business" women too -- although I have my day job still. Right now I'm looking to learn and travel. But making some money from it doesn't sound bad. -- cause this day job pays shit

David Katz
Nice exposure on the cars - the long streaks are beautiful. I also like the sunset sky workings...Very nice job

Bobby Douglas
Denver Double Exposure of Denver, One taken at sun set and one at night.

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