by Suayan Kyo

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Published: Friday 9th of February 2001 07:55:11 AM


Manju Shekhar
Fantastic This is too much! The colors are unbelievable. Great job!

Eric James
WOW! 9/8 One of the best shots of the Big Stone and the Merced River I've seen. I really like the composition: well-balance foreground, stunning midground, and you even got a bit of Half Dome in the background. Nice job - you should be very proud!

Debanjan Bhattacharyya
Great Snap! Great Snap Kyo . Just curious , what scanner do to use to scan your slides ??.

Jonathon Shaw
Good photo Good foreground and background. Many times (some of my pictures, for example) only contain the mountains and lack interesting foreground, or lack foreground all together. The variety of colors from water to sky is stunning, if not overly so. Perhaps a lower contrast would be in order? Or, maybe not. Though I dub a photo such as this a cliche, I myself try to capture images like these and commend those who do so. Good job.

Malcolm Low
Beautiful This is really nice. I agree with the comments above. The picture gives me a sense of being there physically. Well done!

Ken Cox
Aesthetics 8, Originality 7 Nice shot. Good light, very similar to a shat by Tim Wilson a week or two ago. Good job.

James Grove
Superb! Wow it`s loverly you can almost smell the air, superb picture a real sense of being there.

David Lew (Some place on earth)
Great! Excellent picture!

Jebakumar Eugene Asirvatham
Aesthetics 8, Originality 9 Excellent is the word...

Claus Kunckel
Fantastic! I wonder....have Photoshop a part in this ?

Roland Vink
Lovely picture - the sort I would take if I were there. My only comment is about the use of graduated filters. It's obvious one has been used across the top of the image. I realise you needed it to keep the sky from being too bright. I think filters work best when you can't tell one has been used - it should enhance a picture but not greatly alter it (unless that is your intention, but I don't think that is the case here). Suggestions... perhaps take shots with and without the grad, so when you get home, you have the option of choosing the other picture if the grad didn't work... perhaps a polarizer would be enough to darken the sky... Use a ligher grad so the effects are less obvious... try angling the grad more closely to the horizon (ok, pretty difficult in this case). Otherwise, as I said, a great picture!

Chas. Dye
Kyo, Out of curiosity, what did you use to scan this slide? Thanks. REgards, Chas.

A. J. Valys
Excellent composition, beatyful color - 9/9 if not better! Is it a straight shot or manipulated?

Alex Munro
7/5 A nice picture however obviously pretty contrasty. What happened over on the left side of the frame? I think Mr. Sun did you in there. I like it, but it's too bad the sun didn't find a nice cloud somewhere. Alex

Bob Lazzarini
Most excellent! One of the most beautiful landscape photos I've seen in a long time.

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