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Date Time Original : 2012-05-28 15:58:57
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Published: Tuesday 3rd of July 2012 07:01:20 PM


Jörg Vetter

Wolfgang, I am not sure if a monochrom will enforce the technical aspect? Great selection of details.


Wolfgang Arnold
Alf, Richard,

sorry for late response - my job these days obviously leaves too little room for PN...

Nevertheless: Big thanks for your favourable comments. I agree, these industrial sites are as such all but aesthetic and come along with dirt, noise, pollution,... This is a former steel production site in Ruhr area in Germany, nowadays out of service but opened for the public. For about a century coal and steel production shaped the region and meant job and having a roof over their head - but at the cost of working "in" a machine like this. So, I can't deny a certain fascination I try to convey by emphasizing patterns and shapes (like the recurring "bend pipe" theme).

Steve Gubin

I have to compose myself in order to comment on this photo...I am still laughing at Jack's "ping pong ball" comment.  


I have always been fascinated by large industrial structures and you've done great justice to this one.  The lighting accentuates the repeating patterns of towers and railings, and the sky, as Fred said, serves as both a contrast, as well as a complementary counterpart.

Richard John Edwards

Wolfgang, another wonderful inclusion to your industrial folio, I love the use of repetition here.The right side of the image square cropped makes for a really nice image as well.

Wolfgang Arnold
Fred, Jeff, Jack,

big thanks for your encouraging comments :-).

@Jack: funny idea - I can imagine this thing starting to rattle and rumble, shake and smoke and pop out ping-pong balls from the chimney to right ;-)

Maurizio Guarino

Beautiful work!! 

JeffS L

Your capture nudges this into an otherworldly direction.  Almost like a digitized backdrop to a sci-fi thriller.  An opening scene of sorts.

Jack McRitchie
Strong picture. Great industrial shot and it expresses the title perfectly. The tones are great. What would be perfect would be if we learned that this thing turned out ping-pong balls.

Alf Bailey
Hi Wolfgang

I am pleased to see you are continuing with the industrial theme.  Although places like this are mostly considered an "eyesore" for me they retain a fascination. The design although intended to be strictly functional, possess a pattern of lines and pipes that remind me of looking at an orchestra pit, there are repetetive shapes and forms, and the light has accentuated this to a large degree.  The imagination can run wild amongst this landscape and the tones employed invite one to do just that.  I am seeing a deserted space station that lost contact with earth a hundred years ago.  Wonderful thought provoking material!

Best Regards



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