by Amelkovich Igor

dissolution nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

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Category: Fine Art

Published: Tuesday 8th of July 2003 03:22:16 AM


Guido Fulgenzi
You bet!Great composition and effect.

Igor Amelkovich
Marylou Hostetter, Ivo Bogaerts - It is an sand paper applied directly on a negative.

Mark J
Pretty dark, very creative post production (either that or the lab you use sucks!). It's like you are seeing something you aren't supposed to see. A lost photo from years back.

victor bentzvi
its a very good picture, i really like it.

Marylou Hostetter
Igor? Is this sandwiching here, or is it really shot through the gauze fabric.. I love this photo.. You have always been one of my favorites. Keep em coming...

Ivo Bogaerts
The textile makes she looks like having lepra. The pose I like, very erotic

Tamara L.
It's very interesting.

Robert Brown
This is really interesting work. I've never tried sandpaper on a negative--technique works very well on this shot!!

kris thacker
Igor, I've done the whole scratch the negative thing. Sandpaper does the job but sometimes it just leaves such consistent marks on the negative. If you're looking for more random marks use whatever you have handy that has an uneven abrasive surface. Its just my own preference to have the marks look less consistent and more random. If sandpaper works for you then go for it. On another note you have a wonderful portfolio.

Igor Amelkovich
Dissolution. Is this interesting?

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