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Published: Sunday 6th of July 2003 07:13:01 PM


Gabriel Hanson
Mr. Peri, you are the absolute Master. Your good taste is unsurpassed, and I do not know of another photographer who can capture all these fine ladies AT EASE nearly as good as you. PLEASE consider publishing your work in hard copy. You are the absolute BEST!!! Thanks for sharing.

Owen O'Meara
PP1 Beautiful John. Are there more images of her? Excellent ballance with the left elbow.

David Montroy
John, she is a beautiful girl and you take a fine glamour photo. Good work.

Ken Thalheimer
Good one John. I like her rather wistful look

Jeffrey Hitchens
Did you mean for her nipple to do showing or was that an ancident because to me it looks like she had trouble putting her top on the right way.

Walter Strong
Jeffery................... Yeah, it definitley was an accident!

Bruce Jones
Great This is a wonderful portrait. Thanks for sharing.

marco prenninger
man, that's one of the most erotic photos i have ever seen, great job!!!

Michael Huez
aesthetically simply amazing!!!!!!

Sarah Kane
This is my favourite of all your images John, it seems to stand out for me. The model is very pretty, and the hint of nudity is so right it leaves the viewer wanting more... very sexy, very beautiful! Love the expression on her face...

John Peri
Thank you Sarah. Admittedly, I am always very pleased to get such a remark from a female photographer, because they understandibly set the standard by which are approach towards photographing the fairer sex is judged. Thank you again and best wishes, John

Alton Earle
John, I'm also particularly fond of this shot. There seems to be a lot below the surface to me...can't quite put my finger on it...

John Peri
Thanks Alton. It may be the truly nostalgic look on her face. It always touched me too.

Alton Earle
Yeah, I think that is it. Funny, for a guy who used to be a ritter..writer..yeah, that's it, I have attoricious spelling and can't remember words, but nostalgic is perfect :-).

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