Smoke break # 2

by Amelkovich Igor

smoke break nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Thursday 21st of June 2012 04:16:08 AM


Timo Hartikainen

I was thinking it without the table; maybe there is too much stuff (?). Overall, it's a good quality nude photo, like we have used to see from you over the years.

Michael C

Fantastic!  I love images that seem to tell a story, and it's left to the viewer to make his or her own interpretation.  IMHO, the "stuff" adds to the mystic of the scene, and does not make the image too busy... but that's just me.

Ron Ghosh

This was a really nice choice to shoot the model with her pubic hair shaved..she looks beautiful

Paul Casagrande

bella storia,complimenti.

saluti paul

Bianca Stier
Great Shot!

Igor Amelkovich
Smoke break # 2 Studio. Collected various stupid old thing.

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