Expecting you.

by Amelkovich Igor

expecting you nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Thursday 3rd of July 2003 03:35:00 AM


James O'Neill
Should she not be holding a hammer instead of skull ? In the style of a propaganda poster - Red background. Without the blindfold it would be scary but with the it ... she might be expecting me but how's she going to know when I get there ... The lighting is good (as ever) and I like the physique of the model. But overall, sorry it just doesn't work.

Michael Hiltner
this just about shock appeal. i mean its exposed ok and everything but its really is'nt about art is it? what are you saying with this photo?

Anthony Peterson
Shock appeal? Is this actually shocking to you people? God, I must be callous. At least she isn't lying on some poetic piece of driftwood out on a sand dune. Oh, but that's art. Silly me.

Ben Morgan
Congratulations I'm sure that it doesn't matter what people think, just that they do think or indeed are powerless not to have strong thoughts and feelings when faced with such an image. Congratulations on creating what is undoubtedly a very powerful image which will stir all sorts of emotions in people.

Alexandre Goutkin
Wow! obnagennaya genshina s serpom - dovolno strashno, daje vo sne. (The naked woman with a sickle - it is terrible even in a dream. But the photo nevertheless is pleasant to me!) Ya baldeyu!! Nashi forever!

Robert Brown
to be honest, this is neither interesting or erotic.

Estêvão Lafuente
It´s a great photo with a strong theme but I prefer not go!

Geoffrey Swenson
Hey guys! This is quite digusting! Dare to say so! Don't be a flock of sheep and keep saying...beeh...beeh...like all the rest. This is not ART but trash!

Luca Baldassarre
Very strong and scary. She's expecting me, though I can imagine my death, I cant resist the temptation...

Thomas A.
Another great image, Igor. Well done.

Chuck Mentz
That is definitely original. The subject is a little scary and the lighting makes the photo very dramatic. I agree, very provocative.

james russ
expecting wha?? This is defintely a provacative photo.

Bridget Hunt
I don't find this disgusting or vulgur at all, in fact If I had a body like that I would walk around naked all the time.......might ditch the blindfold though. Great picture, the title says it all.

Igor Laptev

Andrew Binder
Beautiful image and with a bit of humor (in the title). Tempting but I don't want her waiting for me. In response to an above comment, there is no hammer because she is a manifestation of death, not a symbol of the former Soviet Union (at least that is my interpretation, maybe I'm completely wrong). Can't see why anyone would see this as the least big vulgar or offensive...just don't get that at all (unless nudity bothers you-in which case maybe one needs to mature pretty rapidly). Very well done. I even like the blind fold.

Jeremy Stein
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Steve Edelstein
Category Specific? The fact is the photo is very compelling and technically well done given the subject matter, which we would all agree is disturbing, and intentionally so. Nor, given the nudity, is it surprising that almost 3,000 people have viewed the photo. Is it trash? Hardly. For that you need to browse PhotoSig. There you'll find all kinds of self-indulgent self-portraits and snapshots of naked girlfriends.

Tove Ingeborg Elin Solander
Oh no, not that skull again...

Andrew Binder
Why can't Death be a blonde???? I would think Death would manifest in many forms, but that's just me....

Simone Maria Navarra
I find this a very well executed and interesting image. The hair is the only thing I don't like, since I can't imagine why death would be blonde or have such hair stile. Tied hair or long black falling behind her back would be more appropriate to the subject, of course in my opinion. Simone

Attila Demko
Powerful. You know your staff.

Jon Hallberg
Expecting You

Gee babe, I think I'd better be going, big day tomorrow, you understand.

Igor Amelkovich
Expecting you. Strange ideas?

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