by Dejkam Arash

apples seeking critique dejkam arash

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Published: Wednesday 2nd of July 2003 09:48:07 PM


Regina Chayer
I must be more easily excited than Harvey because I find this quite stimulating to the eye. Great use of available light souces. I too have used candle light on some of my photos and I like the result here.

H. P.
I think that the subject placement is good and that the lighting works well. The light fall-off in the corners is very effective. On the negative side, it's a fairly boring image which fails to excite me in any way.

Michael Lynch
Interesting and unusual lighting source and angle makes this an original treatment of a common subject.

Jay Belton
Where are those darn candles of mine. I'm going to have to do some experimenting. Thanks for the inspiration.

Liv Edgeworth
nice - its good to experiment - this tempts me to try the candle thing myself - would maybe have liked to see what two or three candles in different positions might achieve here

Ellis Vener
how do light them apples? A good solid idea, the dpper left corner is too "hot" (bright) and I like how simple you keptthe piece. You should make another attempt at it and try control that highlight in the upper left corner better. As it is my eye sort of skips over the apples one i get pastthe shadows and goes straight towards that empty corner.

Aaron Sizer
I disagree. The highlight is consistent with the overall light gradient, so it doesn't call undue attention to itself. Very pleasing to the eye.

Stephen Rosenbach
Beautiful execution of a simple idea... Arash, this is very inspiring to me. The upper-left-to-lower-right color/intensity gradient, the shape of the apples and the "flow" of their shadows all work together very well.

If I were you, I might wait a bit more to spend money on lighting equipment - you have a lot going for you just with your imagination right now.

Best regards, SteveR

Kim Slonaker
Reminds me of an Autumn apple harvest with the golden colors, like sunlight. Very nice.

Afshin Azizi
Sayeha ziba hastand,aks alee.

Arash Dejkam
lighting apples with a candle Until I get some lighting equipment I'm trying to light things with candles :) this one was lit by a single candle, how is it ?

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