Maresias #1

by Sousa Dias Nana

maresias kodak black and white pentax smc sousa dias nana

Gallery: Landscape & Seascape

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Published: Wednesday 2nd of July 2003 06:08:45 PM


Douglas Howk
Always instructive to see one of your photos - simple & elegant.

Dan Robb
This is really dynamite. What was the exposure time?

Terry McCully
Fantastic Range Love the depth and the detail..nice blur as well.Great tones!

Roberta Bagnacani
Wow...excellent B&W! You have a lot of extraordinary pictures in your folder, many compliments!

Jorge Oliveira
I usually do not rate nature photos - just not my thing. But there are always exceptions. This photo is kind of live!

Peta .
Amazing photo, you have captured the texture of the rocks wonderfully.

Jose Morales
Great shot, feels like the DOF plays with the motion of the waves and creates great depth.... the B&W add a very surreal mood!!!!! IMHO

Tom Grubbe
Wonderful drama, balance and detail.

Patricia Eifel
Very beautiful composition, detail, tonal range. The slow speed give the water an ethereal, misty feel that contrasts beautifully with the detailed pattern of the rock. Really excellent.

Regina Chayer
Incredible Drama and Depth. One of the best I have seen posted here.

Marco Chiapponi
The grey tones are surely better as in Magoito and the perspective gives a good dynamics to the shot

Carol Watson
This is a gorgeous shot. I like the soft gentle motion you've captured in the water, the different shades in the rock (lighter up front, darker further away), and the way the curve of the rocks pulls your eye through the photograph. I'd buy a print of this. It's simply beautiful.

Guido Fulgenzi
Great shot,excellent depth and superb B&W.

Igor Laptev
Excellent work.

Florian Hoenig
Perfect! At first I didn't know if this is microscope photography. Weird huh?

Joel Le Montagner
Really superb !

Richard van Hoesel
Beautifully dramatic Nana. I wonder if lifting the midtones & highlights a little in the top parts of the image would be worth a try for comparison, particularly on the rocks.

Paul Frank
looks flat to me, and heavily weighted to the right side. a levels adjustment helps, in my opinion, but in the end I don't find the subject hugely attractive. the water is well captured, but I'm either needing something more or something less as far as the rocks are concerned.

Carla Johnson
Beautiful shot.

David Katz
Exposure How long was this exposure? Did you use a tripod? How were the different shades of darkness produced? This is amazing!

Alberto Calheiros
Fantastica, como toda a sua galeria! Parabens!

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