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Gallery: Fine Art / Nudes..or not....

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Published: Sunday 22nd of June 2003 11:27:10 PM


David Montroy
Excellent picture.

Walter Strong
What's this? Artistic pornography!!

Igor Amelkovich

Carlo Mogavero
wow another of your masterpiece

Will Wilson
so much passion. excellent work.

Ruben Enger
Nice! Very nice picture Emil. Your pictures are so faaantastisc, I saw some of your pictures at fotokritik, very good work. A lot of art comming from a big cup of black coffee and a smoke... Very nice.. Ruben

Dennis McKenzie
Excellent!! Your work is so creative and fresh that as some one here on PN said about your work (roughly) " I feel like I am watching art history in the making"If your work does not derserve a lot of 7/7 I donot who's does! This is one of the finest I have seen you do. Sure I could take this image which you have made and but my spin on it but I would have never come up with the image in the first place. I just know that most of you work moves me deeply.

G .
As a viewer I find this picture totally absorbing. It's raw, earthy, and feels a completely natural scene. There is nothing for me to critique, I can only look, feel, and be inspired.

Dennis you may be refering to a comment I made on Emil's portfolio when it was featured on the front page as a whole body of work? Such a shame the collection page has been removed. My comment was [about the total collection]:

"Emil, you are a true master of light painting, and your works have inspired me from the moment I first saw your art. Your prolific productivity also continues to amaze me. I cannot even attempt to define what I enjoy about your pictures, as they transcend words altogether. This is art history in the making and I feel priviledged you choose to share with us here."

Emil Schildt
dennis your comment makes me humble!
thank you

Monika Brand
Emil, This is the best work of the subject passion,erotic and emotion I've ever seen.If this would be an ordinary picture,it would be a simple sex-photo.But your work is magnificent,a masterpiece!

Americo Vespucci
I fully agree with Geraldine. And this is one of your best works: a real piece of ART! Thank you so much for the joy and inspiration.

Emil Schildt
Geraldine this is almost too much....
but your comment (and others) make me go on and on..

Hugh Hill
re : Couple.. I can see that you are a musician for you have the gift to make music with your visual talents which not many can do..... Hugh

Gary V. Ingoglia
Your work is outstanding!!! Beautifully done!

Andrew Binder
You continue to be an inspiration. I wish I were in publishing, you deserve a book of your collected work to be published!!!

Steve Bingham
Awesome. Powerful work of ART.

Steve Bingham
Ah, another masterpiece! I LOVE your work. So very creative, artistic and technically difficult. Amazing work. it all belongs on museum walls - or mine!

Frunze Verdi
+ + +

Stanley Allen
extraordinary Reminds me of some of Edvard Munch's work.

Roxanne Bohn
Glorious! Emil, your images are all fabulous; this one gave me goosebumps at six must be an especially lovely piece of Art. Your compositions make me ponder, and i love to just sit back and study your stuff. Thank you a million times for making this California girl smile. Big smile.

Peter Sindrup
Even better in real life I have just attended one of Emils workshops, and I had the pleasure of holding this very picture in my hands. It looks even greater in real life. :-) Emil, from now on - you will be my photografic light :-)) Peter

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