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Published: Sunday 22nd of June 2003 09:47:58 AM


John Peri
That's right Denzil. That's the only lighting I use, other than natural light.

Walter Iglesias
very nice shot, has a fresh natural look and feeling.

Kevin Nesbitt
Subject is Beautiful....Not sure what the reflection in her Glasses is?

Joe Garrick
Count me among the strange, but I've always preferred to see just a little reflection of something in glasses, rather than an empty frame look. So long as the reflection doesn't obscure the eyes it's fine. That aside, I like the shot. It has a candid feeling to it like it was caught on the fly.

John Peri
Joe, that's right. She was reading and she looked up.

Carla Johnson
Great shot.

Alberto Conde
I adore this portrait, John. No need for further analysis...

John Peri
Well Peter, I'm going to have to stop posting nudes then !

Luke Powell
wonderful well done John...you have captured here as good an image as any of your others...she is at ease and you were able to capture a pure, natural expression

zXen .
John, you're a natural. I love the lighting on this shot and the way you have captured her personality. The reflection in the glasses I think has helped to draw my attention to her eyes. Did you mention once that your lightening setup is usually an on camera flash bounced off a wall or was that just for one particular photo? I don't have studio equipments and your answer might just excite my creative juices.

Andrew Daniel
Great... If this was candid, its portrait quality. Great skin tones and color, model position. Beautiful model also. Great photo.

John Peri
Thanks Jim, but I have a little feeling that the model deserves more of the praise than me!

Jon Scott
You captured a wonderful expression. Perhaps it's my color settings or the scan, but the lighting along the near jaw line and in the reflection is a bit on the harsh side. Still a nice moment.

Jim McNitt
A perfectly lit candid that evokes an entire visual symphony of complements and contrasts -- dark blue sweater, pale blue eyes; unblemishd skin, deeply textured fabric; youthful sensuality, librarian glasses. Wonderful. Just wonderful.

Owen O'Meara
1568113 John: I hope you don't mean that. It is a great portrait however of a beautiful subject. -Owen

Rosa Schein
great john, you have an unbelivable sense for womens bobys and souls

John Peri
Thank you Rosa. I worship them from all aspects.

Tom Sperduto
I love how this photo gives you a sense of her personality. Lovely skin tones and nice bounce on the flash. I enjoyed all your folders, thanks for sharing.

josh Boschma
Very Nice Very Nice photo. it has a nice sense of spontinaity, and is just as beautiful as your other photos

Steve Ward
sw another stunning photo @!$#@#*&^&*

John Peri
Ok Dow, thank you, just posted another one then taken in the library ...

Dow Morris
This is the most wholesome photo I've seen of her, maybe the most wholesome one you've ever done! Lovely skin tones and shadow. I love the glasses. She seems very sweet. Glad that you are so well rounded.

Charles Sdunek
John, every time I browse through your portfolio, I always stop on this one. One of my favorites. Just thought I would comment this time. Charles

Josemi Gondra
Only beauty

Hi, John,

A very close crop of her face, perfectly cut up and down, only showing part of her informal free hair and her high collar blue jersey doubling her eyes background. The spontaneity of the image gives 90% of success with masters like you. It´s one of the finest portraits of someone with glasses I saw in PN and one of your finest images in terms of composition and lighting. I love to learn so much with your work. Tks for shrg. Josemi Gondra

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