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Published: Friday 27th of April 2012 06:18:09 AM


Juris Ola

Great photo!!!

Dirk Juergensen

Wonderful with the rainbow and perfect exposure time. Great shot, Marsel.

Gail Harmer

A very beautiful image, you timing was perfect for the rainbow. I am sure you see such magnificent places on your journies. What an exciting life it  much be. I wish you the best in your endeavours and I hope to see many more of these photos. My first time to your site and I can tell I will 'visit' many more lovely places through your eyes, I do thank you!

Warmest regards, Gail

Livia Balázs

is like i am loving to live for to visit this nice could be pieceful place, not for me no more, but when i am lost you come whit bad shit when you did it, never regret that, nobody can love you because its all going on...so I guess u cn be happy whitout me, Its impossible for me to stand a day like this, U allmighty u Are U an idiot? oh, allmighty U did it so far, I never gonna be lost and found at this places, cause I hate you for my yesterdays, and my tommorrows are just the same.

William Browning

A great shot with perfect composition and lighting. The person really adds a sense of scale. Well seen and executed. Best wishes William

Richard Karas

Terrifically timed, lovely image. The person included in the capture really helps to impower the image to another level. Very well seen and executed, rek.

Yannik Hay

Superb capture of these iconic falls with the man for perspective.

And the rainbow is a bonus.


Joaquin Tornel

Hola Marsel.

Excelente trabajo, la exposición es muy buena. Te felicito.

Un cordial saludo, Joaquín.

Eduardo Agustin Carrasco

nice shoot


Beautiful !!!

Marsel van Oosten
Dwarfed Last month I traveled extensively in Iceland to set up a new photo tour there.

My first impulse is always to skip the iconic places, but I always end up going there anyway - they've become icons for a reason.

The magnificent waterfall Skógafoss is one those icons. It drops 60 meters over a mossy cliff and is fed by melting water from the glacier above it. Photographing it up close with a wide angle lens is virtually impossible, because the it produces a massive amount of water spray that has nowhere else to go but in your direction. I tried numerous times, but it was just too much. I therefore decided to position myself a bit further away from the falls with my 24-70.

I've not seen much direct sunlight in Iceland, but on my second visit to this location it was sunny one moment and heavy clouds the next, and vice versa. Usually I'm not a big fan of front light, but in this case it really helped to bring out the rainbow.

I waited for a dark patch of clouds to move into the background and asked my lovely assistant to walk to the falls to add some scale to the shot. :-)

If you're interested in joining me on this spectacular trip, please check out my website for more information, pictures and tour impression video clips.

Hope to see you there!


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