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Published: Tuesday 17th of June 2003 10:00:34 AM


John Peri
Many thanks Robert That's tremendously helpful. I'll think I'll go for a Nikon, since I already have the lens .....

John Peri
Hy Robert. Peter, yes I am actually, but I haven't really tried one yet. What do you use? It would have to be something that I can make full page A4 enlargements with. And how would I solve the problem of the flash? I presently do all my indoors work with a Nikon SB flash bounced off a wall.

Robert Ottohall
John->digiJohn John, I use Dimage 7 ( Minolta) it is not a SLR and I got Problems with the autofocus and flash as well. But Diamge7 is good for experiments and has a big zoom. (28-200) but I think there are enough like this one on the market.
But the best choice would be the digital SLR ($2000 do not spend more money because they'll go down) Nikon,Canon,Fuji depends on the Lens you already got.
If you do not want to spent the money then take an Olympus digicam. The best ist to have one digiSLR and a smaller digiCam one with a big zoom and a lcd-display for experiments. It is very usefull to see and correct just after the shot
The ntake the setting of the digicam and make the same photo with a good film. And just an other tip. When I shot my girls outside I use the analog Canon ( because speed and autofocus ). When they are in a room and I can use the static lamps ( no flash) I take the Diamge7. For A4 Prints are 5 MegaPixels enough even for A3 ( using some trics). I compared good scans of a KodakPortra or Fuji with a 5MegaPixel Shot. I think the digital results may be better. But the beautiful grain of film is somtimes like "the naked life"
I hope it helps
best robertO

Robert Ottohall
the background....:-), I'll shut up .
interesting and original pose. But as always, I can find somthing to carp at a good photo.
Here is the area where the arms and the head are placed, this makes me bubbling. The hair of the lady sunk in the dark sea. The cutted feet makes me happy because I also like to cut them.
best robertO

Walter Strong
It works. She's sensual without getting pornographic.

Daniel Vinklar
very sensual, very nice. I like it. Regards, daniel

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