Running player

by Schlecht Nem W.

running player seeking critique schlecht nem w

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Published: Monday 9th of June 2003 10:07:35 PM


Sanjeewa Wickramarachi
An extreme crop. The first question that came to mind was, was it to eliminate unwanted stuff?

Nem W. Schlecht
Cropping When I looked at the original on this again, I am wondering why I cropped it. I think it might have been to get rid of the buildings in the background, but I cut too much of the green as well. This is now the original photo - no cropping at all.

Armindo Lopes
Quite good but in my opinion it would be better without the crop on the leg.

Sanjeewa Wickramarachi
What aperture do you shoot at? I would try a bigger f stop to blur out that back ground. Trey a lower ISO setting if there is too much light for big f openings. I would try to move back just so I can use a higher focal length on your 75-300 zoom. That would help to blur the background too. Also try some slow flash synch, panning with the subject at slow shutter speeds etc. Might give some not-so-ordinary results. Because right now it has a 'snap shot from the side line' look. Hope this helps.

Nem W. Schlecht
Running shot My first attempt at some sports shots. This shot is my favorite in the folder.

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