WW 8

by Peri John

ww nude peri john

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Published: Sunday 8th of June 2003 08:54:40 PM


Owen O'Meara
WW8 Very nice John. Wonderful model as well. -Owen

Robert Ottohall
I think the background always is a problem making picture of people. Here I would prefere only the window part. But as usual, it is not as usual ;-)

John Peri
On my word, I did most of the cleaning up after ....

John Peri
Thanks Robert. I post my pictures in order to get comments like that. I really must start to give more importance to what makes a good photo. It's just that my style doesn't accomodate very well with that. I run around my models hysterically, talking, laughing, serving the next glass of champagne, while trying to capture something a little intimate in their personalities, and I'm certainly not talking of nudity which is never a goal in itself. I'm afraid that if I slow down and start to set things up, I'll no longer manage to make the same photos. The second photo above is a witness to the level of intimacy that can be gained through a relaxed and "unintrusive" approach. Some of my best shots are outside of the sessions.

S. Wayne
Nice shot. John, do you shoot the majority of your models in your home or theirs or ...? Your backgrounds are typically quite visually rich.

Robert Ottohall
John, that's why I like you nudes!

John Peri
This was her home .... but it's always one or the other.

Detlef Klahm
I always liked the natural approach in your pics...the warm atmosphere of the surroundings add to this image

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