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Published: Friday 6th of June 2003 02:31:47 PM


Alberto Conde
Great, tasty and well shot nude... as always. The trademark of a master!

Re your question I can't help you other than suggesting you to submit your question to the Digital Darkroom forum

John Peri
Thanks Alberto, on all counts.

Jon Slater
I've found that 200-300 DPI works well in the final print. So if you're shooting for an 11x14, you will need a file size of about 4 MB. If you scan a 35 mm slide at 4000 dpi, you'll have more than enough resolution.

John Peri
Many thanks Jon.

John Peri
Can someone tell me at what resolution I should scan a photo to print it in full page size (A4)? And how about a negative? Many thanks .....

S. Wayne
John, There is a wonderful article that answers your question very well at the following web site: Hope it helps.

John Peri
Thank you Wayne and Chris.

Fred Flintstone
Amazing as always John, you really have an incredible eye. I recently attempted to shoot some nudes and they aren't even worthy of scanning. I have admired you work for quite a while and only hope you continue. I ran across a website that has a lot of great information regarding scanning. I hope you find it helpful. Chris

Nem W. Schlecht
Great smile. Perfectly shot.

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