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Published: Thursday 5th of June 2003 09:42:47 PM


Regina Chayer
I like the attitude.

Terence Jordan
I love this photo, it relay catches your eye

Naveen Madan

Nem W. Schlecht
I didn't think it was androgynous at all - quite sexy, actually (but I like short hair on women, too). The eyes are captivating and the message is simple and effective Very nice.

John Peri
For anyone that may consider the look too "androgenous", here is another perspective .....

John Peri
Ca va de soi Marielou, elle est Française! .... mais il n'ya pas de mal dans le deshabillage, pourvu que ce soit fait avec du goût.

Marielou Dhumez
voici une très jolie jeune fille...habillée...!et avec un charmant regard mutin ! Le cadrage est très bon.

Matt West
ah, le gout...qui determine le gout? [desole, je n'ai pas la patience aujourd'hui pour cherche les accents] C'est une belle fille francaise, et une photo magnifique. I like the "S" her body makes...and no, not too androgenous at all...the look fits her quite well. Compelling eyes too.


Marielou Dhumez
Non, non ! Pas de mal du tout !

Lee Do
i think she is extremely sexy .. great photo .. this smile is .. captivating .. god job!

Neil H.
Great Shot I like this shot alot. I like to think of it as 'tough love', because the model comes across as a no nonsense kind of lady.

Landrum Kelly
I think that Marielou is playing with us, too. --Lannie

David McCracken
Thanks! Thanks for pointing me to this one John. It is a cracker. I do disappear from P.N for periods of time and it is impossible to catch up with all that I have missed. I also believe there is a wealth of talent out there that I haven't discovered. Anyway! I have seen it now and I am very happy!

John Peri
Ha, you have Jim ... only she's matured a bit since this initial photo and she has changed into a very feminine and glamourous young lady that graciously accepts to pose for me from time to time ...... she loves photography by the way

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