by Peri John

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Published: Thursday 5th of June 2003 06:09:55 AM


W J Gibson
very dream like

David Montroy
John, it is nice. Good idea the contrast between the young modern girl and the old mediterranean style stairs.

Joseph Allen
nice... I like this photo a lot...except the visor she's wearing kind of bugs me. It just seems incongruous with the setting or something. I am not sure...I guess it's just that why would she be wearing a visor when she's otherwise naked on stone steps? Anyway, great job.

John Peri
I agree with you Mark, thanks .. it's an old picture actually .. I guess it just stayed here ..

mark williams
Interesting While I like the idea of hiding her face in a different way other than cut off her head, the modern visor just doesn't work with the acntent surrondings.

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