Carnal games # 8

by Amelkovich Igor

carnal games nude ilford fp hasselblad cw carl z amelkovich igor

Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

Tags: nude carnal games ilford fp4 125 hasselblad 503 cw carl zeiss planar 80mm f28 chelyabinsk seeking critique

Category: Fine Art

Published: Thursday 5th of June 2003 03:45:17 AM


David Montroy
Interesting stressed pose, with this lighting enhances the model's body. Another good photo in this series.

Igor Laptev

Ken Thalheimer
Very good work. Love the lighting and pose

Sandy Green-Arango
No doubts: 7&7

Carlos David
Again just so that I could give you 7

Sven Lindell
Great man!

Daniel Wertz
Well done! In my opinion this is the best photo of the folder. Just Beautiful.

Mys Britt
chain anon stunning art - I love it

Vinay Nair
Vinz All pics are just great. Quite an ART. Keep it up.

Igor Amelkovich
Carnal games # 8 This my favourite

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