Nuance #27

by Sousa Dias Nana

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Published: Saturday 31st of May 2003 11:13:12 AM


Carol Watson
Very primal.... very beautiful.

Graham Byrnes
Hills are perfect. I want to know how you got her out there without any foot prints :-)

Jiri Vasina
Very good composition. Crisp. Sharp. Atractive.

Paul Frank
I too, would have loved the camera a bit right and also tilted down a bit to avoid the 50/50 horizon. Great idea, though.

Tamara L.
Great work Love the feeling, love the contrast. I only miss the rest of the shadow.

S. Wayne
I love this shot. I can feel the sun/wind in my head. Wonderful contrasts.

J. B. Ellis
Such a feeling of freedom. Congrats.

Dave Holland
Interesting composition, I like the repetition in the sand, and the simple, professional structure. I find the distant hills a little distracting, especially where the subject crosses over the distant mountains. Did you take any shots with the camera moved to camera right about three paces? Or were the distant hills positioned there intentionally?

Igor Laptev
WOW! Beautiful shot!

Robert Ottohall
excellent composition! May be the central placing of the horizontal line is not optimal.

Lou Verruto

Nana Sousa Dias
Graham: I know what you're thinking!;-) However, that's not the case! There wasn't any Photoshop removal, the sand was very hard, and she managed to go to her place without making any footprints!!!

Patrick MERLAY
Fantastic ! Just one very small regret for the composition. I like the position of the model in relation of the background but I think a strict centred composition would have been better

Axel Cordes
How? did she move there? I can't see the steps? are they "edited"?

Nana Sousa Dias
Dave: I did it intentionally, I tried it from other angles, but, I like it this way, it looks more "natural".

Costin Raiu
State of the art. Congratulations!

Nestor Botta
she managed to go to her place without making any footprints!!!

...then she is an ANGEL!! I suspected that from the very first look at this gorgeous image... :-)

First class, as usual from you.

Keld Nielsen
great setup - wow

Charo Diez
Interesting, as most of your shots Nana. I´m not a fan of centered horizonts, but if you took it intentionally, it´s OK with me. Just one more thing: I miss her whole shadow on the sand...

Alex Yarmoshko
Simply beautiful Just wandering how much would it be to have it printed and framed?

andre napier
To Axel It is very simple, she was born there. LOL!

Bob Hughes
Great shot. The breeze blowing her hair back gives it a nice touch.

Jim McNitt
Simply beautiful.

Igor Amelkovich
!!!!!!!!!! Nana. Great!

Nuno Borges
Opening up to the Sun High marks on originality, but also to pure beauty. Who'd care about the odds and bits of composition when the resulting image is as appealing as this one is?

Paulo Carrasco
Perfect, but... I guess it would had more impact if you shifted the background hills a little bit more to the right, avoiding overlapping them with the model. Good work!

Jonathan Charles
After being in for over a year I have only just now found your work which is exciting to me as it seems to share much of the feeling in mine.

This shot is stunning - you can almost feel the warm wind across the flat open space.

You may be interested to see my photos: "Eloïse, desert shore" and "Eve, dune" exploring a similar theme.

Marty Dimitrov
Classical but nevertheless superb. I wonder only if more landscape on the left would not be preferable?

Guilherme Maciel de Bem

Stephan Wunsch
This is an exceptionally creative shot. I would like to see it in a fine-arts version, larger format and w/o the sharpening artifacts.

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