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Published: Thursday 29th of May 2003 12:54:55 PM


Robert Ottohall
perfect and not too soft!

Iason Faennos
A perfect moment for (from!) a photographer. The subtle balance between eroticism and simplicity. (The onliest pitfall: the composition, slipped to the left - probably there was no more space on the negative.)

David Montroy

Ray Rupnow
Great Pose, Great Model, Beautiful Lighting!

what a beatiful portrait! i can imagine how proud both you and the model are about it, John! i know i would be =0)!

Antonio Giacomo
Beautiful Hi John, I think that this is a very beautiful, sensitive, portrait of a very beautiful lady. Aesthetically, though, I see some glitches, probably due to things on the negative when it went through the scanner (presumably it was scanned?). Keep it up.

Alberto Conde
Feminine, delicate, tender, beutiful, moving and, yet, full of erotism. One of your best, IMHO, John.

Rajnish Duara
Mirror , mirror on the wall.... One of the most beautiful I have seen of women... I wish u could have tilted her a wee bit to get the most of her and to cut down the right sided emptiness...Rgds, RD.

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