Harbour Worker

by Prakarsa Rarindra

harbour worker indonesia prakarsa rarindra

Gallery: Other Life II

Tags: worker indonesia

Category: Portrait

Published: Monday 20th of February 2012 01:56:23 PM


Rajat Poddar

the "backdrop" does not work for me but the man is brilliantly shot

Jenny Catron
Brilliant shot. Love it love it love it. Lighting is amazing.

özer erdoğan
Hello Rarindra

The lighting on the man, the color cast, low contrast of the background, the expression of the man on his face and his posing are great.  

It may be improved by creating a more dynamic composition by putting the man to the right side instead of a  central composition. Then probably there would be one boat instead of two in the background. The one on the left seems to be more interesting in my opinion. So i would prefer a composition with the man on the right side, and the boat on the left side with a more wide angle coming a bit close to the man.



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