Praça do Comércio

by barros joao

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Published: Friday 17th of February 2012 10:50:41 AM


Maria Bostenaru



I apologise for the misspellt name - I think I took it from Wikipedia. I speak 5 languages, but not Spanish and not Portuguese.

I am going in September for 5 weeks to Faro to investigate historic images of Lisbon 1755, I understood that the palace staying on the place of this place has been modelled, but I am wondering which are the other ruins surviving you tell about.


thanks a lot


joao barros
Hi Maria! The 1755 Lisbon earthquake (felt also all over the country, especially in the south and also in Spain and Morocco) destroid almost totally the town as you know. After that, we rebuilt all the buildings and infrastructures with modern and sometimes unique techniques at the time (including the most famous to minimise the damages of possible future earthquakes: consists in a special wood framework inside the buiding walls - most of the old buidings of Lisboa downtown are still stand because of that technique!) and Lisbon becames a modern town with large avenues and rebuild palaces. At that time, as you also know, Lisboa was one of the most important and known places in the world. Convento do Carmo is one of the few monuments that were not rebuild and is located downtown in a touristic zone, tha's why is so "well-known" in the present. Best regards!

Maria Bostenaru



yes, I know the pombalino buildings, I also visited one from inside because I know the boss of a restoration company.

But you told there are more ruins kept than Carmo ...



joao barros
Hi Maria! This subject (architecture) is not one of my bests and I understand (I guess...) that you have a special connection with it...About Lisboa 1755 earthquake we have some studies (as you know) available in the internet...I found this one with 3D virtual recontitution of some buidings from that time: - Unfortunately it is in portuguese (from Lisboa city museum) but you may see the pictures...It's not a great help, I know, sorry...Have a nice stay in Faro, it is a quiet and nice region and there are small villages with very nice architecture and people near by (Tavira, Altura, Estoi, Castro Marim, etc). Regards.

Maria Bostenaru



thanks a lot!

I've just submitted a photo of this, seen from the other side, to a salon about Baroque. Fingers crossed!

Also invited to join a network about early modern courts, so maybe this research will continue!

kind regards


joao barros
I found this one also at: SURVIVORS The ruins of Carmo Convent is the most evocative reminder of the earthquake's destruction. Almost everything else was rebuilt, and the only two districts that remained largely unscathed were Alfama and Belém. In Alfama is a number of survivors, including St. Christopher's Church, Casa dos Bicos, Menino de Deus Church, Conceição Velha Church and the cathedral. Luckily, two of the city's main landmarks, the Jerónimos Monastery and Belém Tower (both in Belém) also survived, as did the monumental aqueduct. Regards.

joao barros
Good luck Maria! Regards.

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