Carnal games # 1

by Amelkovich Igor

carnal games nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

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Published: Tuesday 27th of May 2003 02:42:25 AM


Igor Amelkovich
Thanks. Bridget Hunt, I assure you, the model has received a maximum of pleasure.

Chris Horsley
The light on her shoulder is a tad bit too bright and I want to see her feet and maybe her butt crack. I don't like the idea of this kind of photo but it is one of the best of it's kind I've ever seen. Some people won't approve of this imagery but it has it's place. How long did this poor model have to hold this pose? I LOVE the veins in her arm and the muscles on her back, such a nice touch. I love and hate this photo. My 2cents.

G. R. Gooderham
EWWWWWW Hannabel Lecter or what...scary , not that i don't like it but the chain and hook!Nice exposure and she has amaziming muscle tone. Nice work

Walter Strong
Pure S**T Is this REALLY necessary?

Søren Højberg
Excellent picture! Great atmosphere.

Bridget Hunt
Igor, I think this is an excellent image I really do. I like the pose, the lighting the position of the model in the frame...I like the whole works. Whether a person is into 'bondage' or not, you have to take the photo for what it is - a very strong image. Everyone always feels sorry for the model. Writing as a former model I can say that a job is a job. She doesn't look like she was forced into that position and I have a feeling she is a professional. I think it is about time people rate 'the photograph' and try and look beyond what their personal preferences are. That is the skill of a true critique, not all subjects are interesting to all but it is the skill of the photographer and the photgraph that should be looked at. I think your work is amazing, an inspiration, well done.

Ian Macdonald
Hmmm I'm afraid I'm not into bondage. Just looking at her she appears to be quite muscular so I wonder whether you haven't missed some great images of her back in tension.

Oliver Indra
Pu*e St***g! Hey Walter, is this comment reall* ne*ess*ry? *li*er, still calling shit what it is...

Igor Laptev

richard johnson
Bravo.....I have followed your work for some time. I enjoy this very much. It projects the submissive.

Jeffrey Hitchens
I'm not interested in what you were saying with the capition. You may of been better off not even adding a caption. That's just my opinion. I think this is a great shot though. The chain leds your eye to her hands and her hands led your eye to her arms and back. I also like the lighting, but I do wonder if you may of missed out on a better shot by not getting more of her back.

Francisco José Estupiñá
impressive i like the pose and the back as it is drawn by the shadows...the soft tone contrasts with the presence of the chain and hook; i would have tried other positions for the head, but i think it's great as it is. Don't listen to those short - sighted comments: an applausse for your bravery!

Ben Goossens

Andrew Binder
Great composition, beautiful tones, great bondage/fetish image.

Daniel Martin
Damn This is sic! I love the emotion it puts across. Its an amazingly well done photo. Good job!

Victor Carter
nice but If I just had to pick something that might be improved, I might experiment with the backround and whatever it is she is sitting on. I would try something in greater contrast in texture or something more similar in texture. ummmmmmm

Andi Popescu
This is beyond extraordinary... Wonderfully directed, Mr. Amelkovich. Andi.

Igor Amelkovich
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