by Amelkovich Igor

demonstrationofabody nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

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Category: Fine Art

Published: Thursday 22nd of May 2003 10:17:28 AM


Jeff Henry
excellent! I like it!

Kevin Gulstene
Well executed but I think you have fairly well executed but unremarkable image here. Clearly the model has a fine figure but I don't find anything in the pose or lighting that makes this image stand out. If I could see the model's face or you were closer or you added something dynamic to the composition perhaps some an emotion or feeling or insight would be evoked better. As it is all I see is nicely lit round bottom in the middle of large grey square.

Igor Laptev

Tom Meyer
What Kevin said. But at least you are consistent... t

Olaf Schneider
Different. Attractive.

Sandy Green-Arango
7 and 7

TC Reed
Squats? Are your models into weightlifting? Or dance? Or body sculpting, not that they need any help in that area. Give me your secret model workout! I insist! Or, just tell me how to make my buttocks look like that. Nice photo. I like your backdrop.

Igor Amelkovich
Demonstration_of_a_body My new ...

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