Yacine #10

by Sousa Dias Nana

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Published: Thursday 22nd of May 2003 01:45:10 AM


Peta .
wonderful study

Yuri Bonder
Very original 77

Bridget Hunt
7/7 Brilliant.

karen clarke
Nice work.

Igor Laptev

Keld Nielsen

Robert Tilden
Sorry, you have created some of the best photographs of women, but this one dosn't do anything for me. (Fair and Balanced)

Verna Bice
Excellent costume and lighting and posing...Very Good :-)

Gi Anni
ZZ top class. How do you do it!!

Dan Robb
I find it really interesting how his right eye is visible on a very black face. The other side of his face provides good contrast to that, creating an intresting effect. Splendid. :)

Bente Nielsen
7/7 Eyecatching.

Giancarlo Vieri

Ringo Taylhardat
Dido Excellence. I grew up in Estoril, as a child used to live just behind the Casino besides the hotel Inglaterra. What a beautiful place. Wonderful vivid, and enchanting photograph - the neighbourhood must have given you the passion for this imagery.

Lilly Brand

Martha Cabey

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