United Colors of Black & White #7

by Sousa Dias Nana

united colors of black white estoril smartmedia vario sousa dias nana

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Published: Thursday 22nd of May 2003 01:41:42 AM


Igor Amelkovich

Igor Laptev
Very nice shot and great composition.

Patrick MERLAY
Great Shot Nana ! I realy like the idea, the composition the scale of grey.

Norbert Felzl
good idea great photo, in bad quality.but does`n matter, good enough ;-))...........norbert

Roger Gelfand
United Colors of Black & White #7 Excellent!

andre napier
GOOD Good composition, good lighting but there is no magic in this picture, as if the God of photography was not present during this shot. I love 95% of your work but this one falls into remaining 5%.

Adrian Maniutiu
amazing composition.nothing to add.regards,

Rui Nogueira
Composicao fantastica. Definicao, textura, enquadramento, tudo. E entao a mensagem nem se fala. Nota maxima e aplausos de pe.

Sheryl W (Blue Mt.)
original and great lighting...works so well in B/w

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