Dune #11

by Sousa Dias Nana

dune ilford hp pentax smc fish eye mm x g sousa dias nana

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Published: Monday 19th of May 2003 04:14:52 PM


James Vincent Knowles
Fantastico! Probably one of the most amazing dune & cloud images I've ever seen in 35 years of being a photog. It's really quite extraordinary, Nana. That it's on a med. format neg makes this image very special - what a shame if you were unable to make silver prints! Having seen the other images in your portfolio, I must say it's wonderful that you are able to photograph such wonderful skies and clouds near the sea! I do hope you have a gallery showing your work or a book on the way? This is the sort of print I love to look at every day, especially if it's hanging in my library.

Paul Ferraris

Peter Hulla
Spiral composition You do not see that kind of composition too often. Usually only on pictures with staircase in tall buildings but never in landscape. Wonderful and 7/7 rating for you :)

Phil Morris
I think it's great too. Begining with the footprintless foreground, the ridge lines have this anti-clockwise twist about them and aided by the large right-sided cloud the viewer is inevitably brought to the collision of clouds and where land meets sky most powerfully in the upper left third. You must have waited ages! May be the tiniest tilt upwards for slightly less foreground and a cleaner top edge over the right sided cloud?

Vlad P.
A kind of perfect shot, exceptional lighting and texture.

Brad Kim
It's amazing, Nana..... Congratulations on this wonderful image!!!

Marc G.
This is quite an unbelievable image, Nana ! I love it. You certainly got the most original clouds I've seen in a long time to top this wonderful sand. Splendid. Makes me wonder what a panoramic format would have been like that day...

Richard van Hoesel
Another good landscape Nana. I agree the spiral formed by the ripples with the sky looks just great and add beautifully to the vast, desolate feel of the shot. I suspect that an upwards tilt would have formed too large an empty space in the top left for my liking. Did you try a lower perspective for a more dramatic foreground as well or would the interplay of the sand and clouds have been lost?

Zacarias Mata
As Fernando Correia said: "strong"... (Re: Lugar do Cabo do Mundo, na continuação da marginal de Leça da Palmeira)

Robert Tilden
Ripples in the sand and in the sky. You do the best of both worlds, nature and nudes. like your nudes best.

Dominique Dodge-Wan
I like the way you have made static sand look like it's full of movement - the anticlockwise twirl is what brings this to life. The way the sand lines disappear towards the horizon except on the right is intriguing - presumably the high tide line or a drying out effect on the sand. These lines make the photo! Great.

Boonwed Teo
Great toning Terrific sand dune and sky. Your excellent toning control is stunning. Great wide angle landscape photo.

Andrash Kovach
Great shot!

Fernando Correia
This is quite a full and strong image!

Robert Ottohall
fantastic outstanding composition. the cloud structures are fantastic against the sand!!!!

Douglas Howk
Consistently excellent images. Especially like the pattern matching between sand & some of clouds.

Igor Fridman

When the B.W. can to be full of colours.....bye.

Bernie Kubiak
Awe When I saw the thumbnail, I thought this might be a digital composite. Nice work! The broad sweep of the sky contrasts with the detailed lines in the sand - a lot of motion in the image (and emotion - being overwhelmed).

Marielou Dhumez

Sean Driver

Igor Laptev
Wonderful shot!

Carol Watson
Amazing! I love the patterns in the sand and the way the sky blends with the sand on the horizon... almost like it's not separate at all. Your B/W shots are an inspiration.

Garth Saloner
nice contrast of textures

Bridget Hunt
Simply beautiful

Anthony Peterson
I had a dream last night, and in it I took this picture.

Henri Manguy
Only one word: extraordinary! I am not very fond of desert photos but this one has something special which transcend it. Of course, it is the clouds, like the two wings of an immense bird flying over the dunes

Otto Boehr
unbelievable good

Alberto Pastorelli
This is a great folder, a tribute to "real film" and a pleasure to visit.

Paul Frank
exceptional study of tones and textures. unbelieveable moment and I can't image it would be possible to execute capturing it on film better.

Steve J Murray
Beautiful, fantastic!

Morey Kitzman
Everything works. Spectacular shot!! Bravo!

Michael VaughAn
Stunning- reminds me of a tidal wave crashing against the beach for the first time- powerful

Chris Blaszczyk
I hate you for these.

Gary Rowlands - Manchester, UK
Superb A wonderful collection of photographs. I am very impressed by your work. Well done.

John Crowe
Wonderful portfolio but this one really stands out. The cloud appears to break like an ocean wave onto the beach! Truly phenomenal.

Walter Hinterberger
I only just came across your portfolio and especially this folder just knocks me out! There is just so much many of us can learn from the way you see things... the power of this shot is great...I agree with the suggestion that a little more sky ond a little less foreground may have been beneficial...but who am I to tell you anything...

Stew D. Baker
Hello Nana! I love your image. It actually looks quite similar to an image I have on PN. :-) Here is the link if you would like to view it: http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo?topic_id=1481&msg_id=008x1q&photo_id=2548370&photo_sel_index=0

Stew D. Baker
I am sorry, I do not know why the HTML did not work. I did select it.

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