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Published: Sunday 18th of May 2003 12:16:57 PM


Jeff Davidson
Nice innocent beauty. Would like to see her entire hat.

John Peri
Yes Wayne, I agree ... there is something about women in hats .... !

S. Wayne
Women in hats...one of my favorite subjects and you do it very well. I really enjoy your work.

Landrum Kelly
What a lovely photo, John. I love everything about it.

Tom deL
Great mood! You captured the most important and most difficult part, Kudos!

Daryl D
Great Portrait! You must be very good at working with your models.

John Peri
Thanks Michael. I gave it to her yesterday .. she loved it .. If ever you do get it, let me know what you think ..:-)

Michael S. Maddox
John, This is a lovely portrait. It has a wonderful sense of spontenaiety. I also really like the hat, the expression, the soft light and the angle... just a little below eye level. Very nicely-done! (Congratulations on the new books, also. I hope they're working out well for you. I may very well order the book of Gaia.) Best wishes! -Michael

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