Boil me # 11

by Amelkovich Igor

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Published: Thursday 12th of January 2012 06:02:27 AM


Josemi Gondra

Ordinariez. Lo he puesto en castellano para no herir sensibilidades anglosajonas y porque desconozco la palabra en inglés. Creo que falta un poco de buen gusto en este tipo de imágenes. Josemi Gondra

P.D.: me gustaría ver la misma foto con un modelo masculino. Cuál sería la interpretación ?

Mike Palermiti

Hi Igor,


Beautiful model, exquisite pose.

Outstanding use of the very fine film camera and lens.

Excellent work.

Best Regards,  Mike


David McCracken
Tea or Coffee?

They just keep coming. Another fantastic shot. I would love to join her for tea once the water has boiled.

Glenn Stear

I'm tempted to say don't try this at home with a boiling kettle! Whatever is she doing, trying to fill it??? It's a good composition, beautifully lit. Well done.  

Taz Rahman

You photographs always make an impact and this is no exception. The theme is not to my liking but that does not take anything away from it being interesting and a technically accomplished piece of work.

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Igor Amelkovich
Boil me # 11 Games with this old teapot.

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