Body # 30

by Amelkovich Igor

body nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Thursday 15th of May 2003 02:27:42 AM


Nestor Botta
Erotic? Are you kidding??? This is ***absolutely*** erotic!!! :-)

James Vincent Knowles
A PEACH Sweet, tender, soft - and very tasteful. Where DO you get all these models?

Frunze Verdi

Tim Meyer
Yes! I find it quite erotic without being distastful. Great light and skin tones!

Ivan Colman
A tastefull nude, great light

Igor Laptev

Igor Amelkovich
Thank all

Nina Hydrasten
An interesting viewpoint!

Kemal Hamamcioglu
Not erotic, the woman body is an art figure (if you find details like this)! perfect...

Marc B
Great idea, awsome execution. It could be a number of object when you look at it quickly which makes it interesting.

Robert Ottohall
there was a beautyful copyright sign. ;-) thank you for removing it.

Zack Peck
Subtle erotic again the command off light is excellent as in most of your work. The copyright print is distracting though. Anyhow, a beautifull image. Zack

Carlos Santos
I wish I have the skill to capture skin texture like you do in all your work. Yes! I found this somewhat erotic, just don't appreciate much the appearing right leg.

Bjoern Hatling
I like the light and the orginality:)

James O'Neill
I'd say this was only a little bit erotic. But its the kind of picture I like. Someone posted a comment to one of my pictures "Sensuous but not exploiting", its one of the compliments I've liked best, and I think it applies well to this too. I love the light and the way you can see the spine. But thats an UGLY copyright notice.

Yuri Bonder
v albom!!!!! Magnificent work! Wonderful!!!

John Papanikolaou
Nice study and very exciting!!!

Ricardo Garcia
Simple + Sensual.

Alexander Levin
Not Erotic is somethig stupid in pink or lilac tonality. Your works better refer to "sexuality"

Joe Garrick
It needs more light.

Carl Moonan
Great work Tasteful and clean. Nice work through out.

Dierk Topp
the only erotic photo in the whole folder technically all the pictures are perfect, but erotic? For me it is just ice cold, which is just the opposite of erotic. Did you see any comments of a woman. Erotic is for both sexes, or not?

Igor Amelkovich
Though I also name the photos erotic, but it probably not so. My purpose - creation of very cold images with a female body. If it was possible to me - I am very glad.

John Hamilton
Skin tones are very nice. More importantly, this is probably the sexiest picture I've ever seen.

Carlo Ottaviano Casana
I like it very much! I'm speaking about the photo. I like the tone and the crop! Last but not least...

Nevil Zaveri
superb use of symmetry breaking with light.

Kombizz Kashani
more than erotic

Igor Amelkovich
Body # 30 Erotic?

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