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Published: Monday 12th of May 2003 09:35:10 PM


Marc B
Nice B&W John. As usuall I must complement on your choice of models. Yours tend to look sophisticated and intelligent as opposed to the typical "striper's look" we see all too often. Back to the picture. You used FP-125, may I be as bold as to ask oyu what you rate the fil and what developer you used. I personally use Delta 100 for landscape but find it too clear and neat for portrait. I have not much experience with FP. Cheers, MArc

John Peri
I think you are right David. Thank you. Here is just a little more highlight in the hair.

David McCracken
A pleasing photo to look at. The hair to the left is a major feature of this photo and it seems a pity the eye is only drawn to the 'highlight' in the face.

hey john, this is a very nice picture, i have one similar to it, was taken about 3 yrs ago by some other photographer, but it was my idea ;0) he knew NOTHING about creativity! anyways, i will upload it as my portrait once i scan it.

John Peri
Marc, I give in my films to be developed, so I can't help much there. I use FP4 for my portrait work, first because I think it has a nice range of mid tones and, secondly, because frankly I don't know much else. I'm truly sorry, but I'm really very weak on this technical side.

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