Orange Tulip Field

by Hart Jaap

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Published: Tuesday 6th of May 2003 07:36:45 AM


Luis Saavedra

Gaetan Chevalier

Gibson Tsai

Art Fotos

Igor Laptev
Another beautiful shot.

Vishwanath Raman
This is a very interesting shot. The colors are velvia in action (oversaturation IMHO) for you when you don't really have a bright sun overhead. But then with a bright sun, you wouldn't have the spectacular foggy line of trees that do define this image and take it above being a good shot of a Tulip field. Well done.

Keith McCartney
Excellent Composition I paticularly like your 2/3 vertical composition. Depth of field is almost perfect...the trees and fog in the background limit your world and allow you to define what you want the viewer to see.

Bryan Wynacht
Another beauty Jaap. You've sent me driving all over the countryside searching for beautiful flower farms... with no luck of course.

Robert Ottohall
perfect arrangement. horizontal,vertical and diagonal perspective elements. fine contrast blue and red with green emphasis . the bland blue tree background is the also the "kick"

Garth Saloner
Very nice colors and perspective

Raul Drechsel

Dmitry Gringauz
Fields of tulips bring back a lot of memories for me. Good photo.

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