Shadow (nude)

by Powers Amy

shadow nude powers amy

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Published: Monday 5th of May 2003 12:56:36 AM


Jim McNitt
Stark and haunting. The "Shadow" is absolutely compelling.

Carl Root
Well thought out. The 'attitude' of the shadow which contrasts with your pose is very nice.

z z
Love the composition. I wish they had such buildings where I live. Good to see you back. ERic

jason milliron
Very cool study of light. I like this one the most. It is the most interesting to me.

Tom Meyer
The composition is quite good in this one, scale and light go well together and the environment's masculine, blocked out structure contrast well with the woman's feminine curves. The light from without reveals and magnify's the feminine within the masculine. Cool. Compared to your earlier work (are you tired of that?) this seems more heavily exposed, and I'm not sure that's a good thing. I'm thinking about it. I wish I was looking at a print.... t

Daniel Vinklar
very nice photo. the idea with the light and the shade is great. it seems i neglected looking at your pictures for a while... very nice! regards, daniel

Clive Fulton
The Wall Reminds me of an animation in Pink Floyd's "The Wall". Well done

David Kearns
There is a beautiful, human vulnerability. Reminiscent of Dachau. Touching, disturbing.

david feany
Ditto that. I like it. Placement of the shadow and width of the ray of light from the door is just right. You've filled the entire picture with something interesting. Not to mention the angle of incidence of the light on the body realy shows off the curves and shape of the body. Something else to consider -- have her in the same pose while pointing her face toward the ceiling. Well done.

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