Asian beauty

by Amelkovich Igor

asian beauty nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Category: Fine Art

Published: Sunday 4th of May 2003 02:33:26 AM


Alejandro Keller
Strong portrait 7/7 A beauty she is. The portrait is great, IMO probably the best of the folder.

Tor Guttormsen
Great lightning and contact, those eyes are simply soul penetrating :)

Yakim Peled

Howard Clapsaddle
Asian beauty A strong portrait, IMO among the top two or three of your nudes and portraits. Ditto on other comments above.

Igor Laptev

Marty Dimitrov

Blind Photographer
Absolutely super

nick kessler
this is incredible. and just like the guy before me. those eyes are, (if you cant say it better quote someone who said it best) soul penetrating

Raivo Vanags
Super! One of the most powerful images I've seen in months.

Frunze Verdi
+ + +

Giovanni Verde
Great control of lights and very good expression of the model... I think that cropped on the left is well composed too...vertical portrait with diagonal composition and the face in the upper third...(but this is only a thought)... anyway, compliments.. :)

william wasp
those eyes she's smoldering, challenging and yet innocent. excellent capture!

Dmitry Gringauz

Carlos Santos
...she is looking at me

Kim Slonaker
Very well done and artistic. You are a master of lighting your subjects in a way to bring out expression and form! Good work.

Igor Amelkovich
Thanx, Kim.

Igor Amelkovich
She posed first time

Jason Campbell
Beautiful well lit portrait.

Theo Keijzers
Fantastic image, see this for the first time and will come back for sure. Thanks for sharing.

Igor Amelkovich
Asian beauty. Classical naked portrait.

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