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Gallery: Strange fantasies

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Published: Saturday 3rd of May 2003 03:05:42 PM


Owen O'Meara
Q3 John: Great image. Keep up the fight. I share most of your feelings on the subject. -Owen

William Lawless
Head-less At first sight it is a little macabre. The flesh tones in the face and torso seem to be at odds. A creative idea though. Keep on reaching

Steve Bingham
John, I like the torso work. Not the face. I can see a great collage using the torso plus whatever - but not the face. This could end up an awesome image with some work. Maybe b&w plus a lot of burning in? But please, the face is just too nice. Love your work.

John Peri
Hy Steve. Ha! This all started as a joke. She said to me "you are not posting a picture of me nude with my face on it" ... and so I separated them! She thought it was very funny and the ice was broken ... I have now even published a photo of her nude in a book, of course, with her permission!

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