Nude with Bars

by Powers Amy

nude with bars powers amy

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Published: Tuesday 23rd of January 2001 11:13:14 AM


Faruk Kujundzic

I admit I've been drawn towards this one by the fact that it's a nude, but that's not all... This is a fabulous picture about femininity, and it's such fabulous a picture because there's a sound dosis of femininity in front of the lens and behind the camera. Congratulations. Those bars are such a splendid idea - if until now I had half a chance of shooting an act, envy would be oozing out of my pores for not having the idea myself.
The main thing that strucks me about this picture is that it's so free of any of so typical artificialness (artiness, art-imperativeness) always produced by men - like peaking through a keyhole, while pretending they're doing it for a higher cause. How much different it is when all pretences are dropped, especially when, in fact, there are none to be dropped at all. This is the first act after a very long time that hasn't made me wonder why on earth this pose, why this accessories, why this lighting, why taking the picture at all. It's just there, as if it has always existed, as if it has created itself - as it actually might have.
I wish we had more female photographers here. I don't say that in hopes of seeing more good nudes, but only because it's so interesting to see things in a somewhat different way.

Hevalo B&W
nude Hallo Amy, I think, it is interesting, to make a serie with the bars. Regards,

Walter Ego
washed out I do not like the fact that her right shoulder is washed out. This photo is a little boring. It needs something more.

Nicholas Price
Excellent composition, and interesting conterpoint with the bars motif. I think it is a great picture for picture's sake - I think it is a little pretentious of Faruk Kujundzic (quod vide) to describe it as a "fabulous picture about femininity". Is it not a photograph of a nude with bars?

Bio Gon
Amy! This is just another compelling, thoughtful photograph by (and of) Amy in her portfolio. She has always left me thinking and looking for more. Now I just wish I lived in Seattle, so I could find her and get know her.

Marcos Gonzalez
like the nude but dont like the bars, would liked to have seen a profile of her face, the most erotic part of a womans body

Alexandre kvatashidze
I love this picture! Ciao Amy! I'm really impressed. To be honest I never suspected that people do such a beautiful shots with a digital cameras suchlike 950 0r 990 are (maybe I'm too oldfassioned). This shot is very estethic! Bravo!

Jeroen Wenting
washed out? That's reflections of her hair :) I'd rather think the left shoulder should have received some more light, it is a bit too dark. Otherwise, fine picture.

Luis Rivas
Who's the one behind the bars? Wow! Powerful composition, makes me think about who is the one in charge here. At moments it makes you feel you're the master observing a sensual slave, and later ... after being captivaded by those beautiful feminine forms makes you feel you're the one enslaved by her beauty. Congratulations Amy, a nice example of nude art and human emotions. Class and sensuality truly go together here. P.S. By the way ... thank you for the url info.

Sherman Stebbins
Beautiful! Beautiful and, in more ways than one, captivating.

Tom Dunlap
wonderful Amy, I'm just getting into photography. I found this photo captivating. the lines grabbed my eye and the contrast of your soft curves and the hard lines of the bars blended together in a way I found quite unexpected. thanks you for such an enjoyable surprise, and a delight to my eyes!

Carl Johnson
One of many Amy, this is merely one of many wonderful images not only in but in your own photography web site. I always love the simple, elegant lighting and poses that you use. I do have to ask what you are trying to say with the bars, especially since your back is to the camera. You seem to be saying something about isolation. Are you isolated from others voluntarily or against your will?

Amy Powers
Line and Form, and the message of photos Carl,
Thanks for your comment...Its very interesting to me to see what different people see in my photos. For myself, I am a visual person and I see shapes, lines, combinations of light and shade, and thats what has been in my mind first and foremost when I have done the self portraits. I liked the way the angled lines of the bars matched the lines of my body, and I liked the contrast between its sharp edges and the rounded lines of my body.
But I think that my mood and my ideas shape the images subconciously...its usually after I take a picture and look at it for awhile that the meaning of it becomes clear to me. For example, I don't think of this one as being so much about isolation, as it is about nudity not always equaling availability or vulnerability.

I have a whole series of nudes "one step removed", as it were, with something in between the nude and the camera - a window, a screen, these bars...Its a way of softening the "ohmygod, its a naked person" effect, and (hopefully) focusing someone more on the overall image. Phil has a page here about nudes, and he speaks of the need for a little distance for the viewer. It is something of a convention in art nude photography. I have done a fair amount of art nude modeling, and I half-jokingly say that the difference between modeling for art nudes and erotica is that in art, you don't wear shoes, you don't look at the camera, and you don't smile...
So maybe that explains some of the compositional choices I make in my photos..

Robert Lowe
Good Discussion As a student of the Minor White/Edward Weston (Weston's work of his partner notwithstanding), I have not made many attempts at nudes, much less portraits of any kind. However, as much as I enjoy other's work, I am wanting to start experimenting in this venue. It's not a matter of availability of models, I just had no real idea where to start as this topic has usually been discussed as art vs. porn or other pedestrian catagory. I know what good art is, and I recognize an effective nude as much as I would an effective equivelant, but I have never been able to pin point what it is I am seeing that is expressing what I am feeling. I appreciate that you have such an eloquent way of expressing your thoughts behind your fine photos and the direction you bring the discussion of nudes. It is refreshing and informative. I also think that some of your comments in this thread can apply to portraiture in general.

Mary Ball
146609 The lines of the bars work so perfectly with the angle of the body...In particular the center of the buttocks angling up the back.... Erotic yet sensual. I find it to be a very wonderfully complex image. My only thought was that I wonder if the top of the bar would have worked better if it were even with the top or over the top of the head. Also love shadows of the lower body going in a complete other direction from the bars and the body.

Detlef Klahm
I still like this...but pefer the colour are certainly showing us in this folder you`re femine and sensual side, both as subject and photograpger. wow!!!

F Art
Hmmmm . . . . Say no to crack!

Norm La Coe
Bars I am the most critical, including self-critical, photographer in the world. I think Edward Weston made three fine nudes, and Ansel Adams made four fine photos. Lifework. A curator of MMO once said if a photographer works hard enough, he or she is entitled to one silver bullet in a lifetime. So, Bars is an excellent image. Not great, but extremely fine. Norm La Coe

Paolo Cozzaglio
Creative Great idea! I prefer this, rather the one in colors

Nachiketa Sahoo
well said Faruk.. i could not say it better. but, i have a different opinion in the last paragraph.

David Denton
Contrast While this is not the most flattering way to display a beautiful woman, I consider the three contrasts so very interesting. That is, the very dark with the very light areas, also the open cleanliness of the background with the confinement of bars, and finally the hardness of iron with the softness of flesh. Keep on shooting.

Brian .
Classic! Very nice, but the light's a bit too intense on lower back.

Alex B.
This whole folder is very original. The composition of all photos is just incredible. It's hard for many of us to achieve that while we behind camera, you managed to do that while being in front! If you could share your technic of self portraite with us-that would be great! Of course, very few of us would look as stunning in front of camera as you.

David Bradley
Simply it!

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