Ballet slippers # 1

by Amelkovich Igor

ballet slippers nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

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Category: Fine Art

Published: Tuesday 29th of April 2003 02:17:48 AM


Igor Laptev

Bjoern Hatling
A nice picture with a good background:)

thomas breazeale
One of my favorite nudes on this site Igor.Excellant pose with good exposure and the contrast is just subtle enough.Well done!

Owen O'Meara
Ballet Slippers #1 Superior image. Nothing else to say. -Owen

justin ogden
wonderful i love your use of such a beautiful women

Zoya Mihunova-Anderson
fine ...

Michael Nigro
yup!!!! great capture.

Matthew Baynham
Very nice

James Vincent Knowles
the wet head is dead. nice skin tone. too close to the background for me. don't understand what this is about except to say she has a nice dancer's body and perky breasts and that you make good exposures in the studio. what if you bring her away from the backdrop about seven to ten feet, use a wider apeture or longer focal length, or otherwise do something to reduce the DOF so as to have less detail in the background? what if her hair were styled somehow so as to make it more aesthetic? anyway, honestly, i truly LOVE most of your pictures. this one just isn't up to your own standards, Igor. just my stupid opinion though.

James Watt
! Well done!

Piotr Kowalik
great tone and textures.

fred oconnor
sssuupppper neat!! would love to see moe. thanks

Nick Lehr
nice nips

Miles McAlpin
ok... ok is it just me or does it seem like everyone who has critiqued this image only likes it because of the beautiful woman in the middle? i dont even mean to take away from the image, though its really nothing special to an artist. but igor, at least all of the testosterone powered men (like nick lehr) who only critique nudes like it...

Casey Dilg
I must say, I have just recently stumbled into photography, and nudes have especially interested me. You have captured what really interestes me in the human body, brought out the line between her body and arm excelently. I love the curvature of the light on the wall, and the natural hang of her arm. Just thought you might like to know that it's pictures like yours that are inspiring me to try such an excelent art as this that you have mastered. I don't know yet (though working on) these technical terms that many people throw around, but all that I can see is superb. Bravo.

Girl Ochoa
Exquisite! xox

Igor Amelkovich
Ballet slippers One of 4 photos.

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