Storm Clouds at Sunset

by Berinsky Cliff

storm clouds at sunset seeking critique berinsky cliff

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Category: Landscape

Published: Monday 7th of November 2011 02:43:12 AM


Bob McLean

Nice image Cliff. The reflections,colors and composition make this a pleasure to view. Regards. Bob

Pierre Dumas
Very nice moody composition!

Best regards Cliff!


Stephen Penland

I like the composition; it's the lighting that has me a bit puzzled.  Places that should be in shadow look as if they are getting about as much light as places exposed to the sun.  There is a reflection of the dock, but not shadows like a viewer might expect given the position of the sun.  It almost seems as if there is a sun in front of the camera and another sun behind the camera.  It's just hard for me to see storm clouds with so much even lighting throughout the photo.  I think this is probably a result of HDR processing that has made the light so evenly distributed throughout the photo.

Cliff Berinsky
Storm Clouds at Sunset All critiques will be appreciated.

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