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glow nikon dx ibm gb microdrive seeking critique c eric

Gallery: Glow!

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Category: Fine Art

Published: Saturday 26th of April 2003 06:30:29 PM


Marc G.
You have all my attention...:-))) Brilliant concept !

Igor Laptev

Michelle Wolfe
Striking image. Were you working on a series of a 22 century brothel?

Atieh Noori
very good work.please looking my picture.

Bird on a Wire
Wow! Nice picture. Well done ...

Zoya Mihunova-Anderson

Frunze Verdi
Glow stool +

Lasse Pettersson

Scott Bulger
Truly an eye catching image. The first thin I do when I look at an image is determine whether or not the composition would hold up as monochrome, or is it all about the color. In this case, I find the near symettry of the composition very nice as well as the bounce of the hair and posture that create some great energy. The choice of colors also add a lot of energy to the shot, but it doesn't rely solely on the color to give it punch. I also love the choice of the clear shoe to match the chair. I would have rathered I think, this being shot on a seamless background. The floor line is perfectly level, but the fact that I am looking at it, and that the baseboard is lit differently on either side of the subject detracts, in my opinion. There is also some sort of ghost by her left wrist (on the right side of the image) that looks as if it doesn't belong. Actually, upon taking a closer look at the large image, I can see that it is a piece of the outline of the back portion of the chair. There are other little pieces visible as well between her arms and her body. I think that they chould be either more visible, or eliminated altogether, as they currently appear to be half removed. All in all, this is a very good image. Well done.

Charles Daniels
I've got nothing useful to add, I just have to put something in this box so I can give it the rating it deserves...

Steve Broyles
hot model. (pardon the pun) this image is just so.... explosive! Great idea, wonderful execution of a fun idea.

Paulo Pampolin
Picture of the Month!!! WOW

Heinz-Peter Baltes
Very good work!

Jim Gregg
I love the entire folder, well done!!

Ken Thalheimer
Wow! Eric you've done well with this one. A superb piece of art

Giancarlo Vieri

Keld Nielsen


James Moore
Double WoW Fantastic work!

Dejan Kosanovic
A beautiful piece of art... superb in every respect...

Zacarias Mata

Timo Hartikainen

Chris Ward
944 I think I saw this series run in a local magazine here in Phoenix?

Bill Weisz
7/7, wow!

Richard Brown
funky hot,hot funky

Richard Wong
i think u should give this pic a name. i would like to call it: Desire. How about it?? Such a good Pic but there is no name for it. but i like this pic indeed!! 7/7!!

Walter Iglesias
Very fine Job!!!

Jeff Moody
Somebody's been watching too many James Bond movies :)

nick kessler

David Jensen
love the energy

Erik M. Epskamp
I'm not sure what adjectives I can uuse that have'nt allready been used. Imaginative, striking, sensual, and an emphatic WOW! Between this and your other folder I find your work awesome (this one with a kind of cinematic feel and your other one a commercial /advertising feel). Keep up the great work

Bruno Doiche
Amazing color work!

Jose Lacruz
Love it. Position of the arms contribute a great deal to the picture.

Houn Wai Wong
Truly stunning! Very well lighting control!

Lou Verruto
Spectacular work here . Believe it or not, the hair makes this image work for me. A wonderful dynamism and balancing element to the whole. Terrific!

Paulo Carrasco
Double WOW! Develish red and well executed shooting!

Matt L.
i agree with nj - shat of fire :) great picture, truly interesting

Carolina Butterworth
toilet Is she on the toilet?

jason shu
What the hell?? Its like a sexy troll taking a flaming dump on a hemrrhoids donut.

Barry Needle
Brilliant stuff Eric - its so difficult to be original and you have pulled it off well. Bravo! Barry Needle.

Magnus Bogucki
Excellent Photo! Would you mind sharing how you got this kind of lighting? Great work!

Eric C
Glo red A series of colors and girls

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