Nuance #22

by Sousa Dias Nana

nuance sousa dias nana

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Published: Thursday 24th of April 2003 05:03:27 PM


Marc G.
Hello, Nana... Interesting image... The 1st thing that came to my mind is that I may like it better if the print more contrasted. Then, I'm not sure and it might be a very subjective thing, but I would probably try a more nynamic composition, since the body's pose is very dynamic itself. Possibly having the body's axis is a diagonal, possibly using 1 arm to add dynamism as well... But then again, I realise that I'm already talking about a completely different image...:-)

I like what I see as well, but I feel it lacks a little extra fine-tuning that so many of your shots have... Imho. Cheers.

Guillermo Labarca
Beautiful. It is a great image, I admire when somebody can do such a thing: to create an image by pure photographic means, and when they are used in such an elegant way. It remains me a talented mathematician solving problems using the most adequate tools in an economic way, without any kind of detour or unnecessary procedures. You put in this shot all the necessary information but nothing more, I think that if you change anything it will be a missÂ….or another photography. Formally: gray range, DOF, composition, lights and shadows are in harmony creating at the same time the tension that makes this photo so appealing

Livia Geabelea

Spineanu Bogdan
very nice turned "y" This image captured very fast my attention. I like it very much and I do not know now exactly what it is that makes it look soo good .. probably if I try a little more I will be able to put the point on the i until then I will enjoy the sensation it gives me. It looks like a turned Y. Couldn't you do the whole alphabet ? I am jokeing. Very, very nice portofolio as well !

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