Monserrate Waterfall

by Sousa Dias Nana

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Published: Monday 21st of April 2003 10:26:46 PM


Denis M
Beautiful nature. Regards.

Miguel Mealha
Well composed and rich tones.

Michael Hiltner
Nana - great photo - the light provides great luminance dappling on the leaves.

Douglas Howk
One of the better landscape images - a classic.

Jeff Damron
I would have probably printed this lighter to preserve details in the shadows. But I would have been wrong. This is a simple composition that doesn't really need additional details. In other words, this is a great picture perfectly printed.

Bill Kantor
Great image Great execution, control of light, exposure, time, DOF, etc. A classic shot. I would prefer to see more of the falls at the top.

Carol Watson
Lovely... I like the soft movement of the water and the detail in the surrounding foliage. Very pretty!

David Lier
Nana, sorry I haven't commented on any of your other photos, but I get overwhelmed by the 80 some reviews that are already posted on each of them, most of which saying what you probably already know: that they are wonderful pieces. I did want to comment on at least one though, as I feel that it is to comments, not the numbers that help people. I chose this one because I think it is my favorite of yours. At first I thought that it might be tilted too much to the right because my head kept tilting that way, but I have decided that this is popycock. It is a wonderful photograph. I am tempted to say that it's the simplicity that attracts me to this, but don't think that's true. I think it is simple in that it's mood is free from the noises of stress and pain. but it full of the noises of life and beauty, two very complex things. In any case, it makes me feel happy. Wonderful job.

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