Atlantic Waves

by Emerson Tom

atlantic waves film emerson tom

Gallery: Beach and Oceanscapes

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Published: Monday 21st of April 2003 04:47:36 AM


David Kim
Very interesting colors. Like the previous comment mentioned, the water alone looks like the milkyway galaxy. Very nice pic.

cile bailey
such captured movement and the colors are fantastic . cile

M. Hayward
Thank you for rating one of my photos. In the thumbnail, I thought this was an astronomical photo depicting a galaxy. It still looks like that larger, or perhaps an angry sky - the triangular stone in the bottom corner could be a mountain peak. Interesting picture with very interesting colors.

Gaetan Chevalier
Superb colors.

Brian Y
Funny, when I saw the thumbnail, I too thought it was some sort of nebula. Very nice.

Jon Dick
I really like the movement the photo captures. Great

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