Naked on a lap # 11

by Amelkovich Igor

naked on a lap nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

Tags: nude seeking critique

Category: Fine Art

Published: Sunday 20th of April 2003 08:06:02 AM


Peter Dolan
Very nicely done. Very sexy. For me the cloth over the head brings up images of the Taliban's repression of women in Afghanistan, and (with the lighting's emphasis on the breasts) this photo is emblematic of a woman's role as a sexual object and subservient individual in most societies. Then I notice the very small detail of the navel piercing and the photograph takes on an added dimension of the traditional vs. the modern. The traditional role of the subservient woman (with her head, and thereby emotions and opinions, covered); and the modern independent, proactive (body modification is one of the strongest symbolic actions of self-determination that one can make) woman who controls her image. The very erotic and alluring body and pose add an extra dimension by bringing in issues of the traditional role of women as a sexual object (an image forced upon them) to the more modern ideal of a woman having a choice regarding her appearance. So, this picture brings up, at its core, the tension between the oppressed and the self-determined woman. I like your background too, it's nice, and fits well. I hope that you're able to make some money off this series of photographs, it would be nice to think that an artist can still make a living off his/her independent work (not having to sell creativity to a company to make a living).

Johann Schweigl
wonderful, as all of your work

Vagelis Logaras
This one is so sexy. The main concept of the foto is her breasts, cause we can'y see her face. Great idea!

Luca Baldassarre
Another excellent and intriguing photo.

Denis Vrkic

Igor Amelkovich
I do not know. I do not know. But there can be you will tell.

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