by Sousa Dias Nana

binette sousa dias nana

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Published: Friday 18th of April 2003 07:19:44 PM


Brendan Bullock
very strong image, the earring being a key highlight. yet another beautiful image in your portfolio. keep them coming! regards, b

Paolo Cozzaglio
Wonderful Nana!

Jim McNitt
Binette is beautiful!

Brendan Mudd
lighting perfect! wonderful portrait, to be proud of!

Igor Laptev
Very nice portrait!

James Vincent Knowles
Simple & Clean Lovely simple portrait. And your model has the most perfect head shape I've seen in a long time! Nice skin tones / great exposure.

Livia Geabelea
Statuary. One of the best I've ever seen.

Chris Blaszczyk
Nice- I see this as diagonal with the model's face looking in the top corner and the neck coming out of opposite corner. She has an excellent profile, so I would try many things. Cool image however.

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