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Published: Friday 18th of April 2003 06:04:18 PM


Dmitry Gringauz
Very pleasant

John Peri
Well Lannie, she was wearing her mothers' shoes too ... but no-one noticed that!

Hy Waxman
head too big for side shot

David Montroy
Good lighting and color management idea, composition and model. She is pretty and has a very natural smile.

John Peri
It's rather difficult to address Hy Waxman's remark. I'm afraid that those are simply the proportions of the young lady! As for lighting, it was a flash mounted on the camera bounced off the adjacent wall.

Anthony T.
Lighting I really like this shot and was wondering how you lit it?

James Vincent Knowles
HEAD Gosh - I think this is a beautiful portrait. Great lighting and exposure. Model has a gorgeous body, too. Regarding the head, I did notice the proportions were a little different from what is considered "normal". My guess is this model may be an actress perhaps? A very high percentage of actors and actresses have this same "big head" syndrome. It's a commonly known fact in Hollywood. Having said all that, it's certainly irrelevent to the quality of the photo.

Jose Morales
Jhon, I love the lighting and the window on the left gives the proper balance.... very nice shot!!!

Jon Laster
Fake This photo looks faked!

John Peri
Ha! Let me tell you a secret Jon. All 350 of my pictures posted on this site are fakes. I stay up all night doing it. Love it!

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