by Amelkovich Igor

untitled fomapan carl zeiss planar mm f hasselblad cw che amelkovich igor

Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

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Published: Monday 14th of April 2003 10:52:56 AM


Marc G.
Really great work here, Igor. Regards.

pepe alias boulette

Darko Kordovan
Very nice,

Ørjan Helland
I like your work! And i think this is the best you have taken! Keep up the good work!

Igor Amelkovich

Luca Baldassarre
This one adds a mysterious dimension to your fascinating and elegant nudes.

Fred Vnoucek
very good!

Nousheen H
amazing the grace and sexuality captured in this image is amazing. I love it.

James Oluoch-Olunya
amazing! Just love checking out your work. I'm always guaranteed to see originality

Dougity B
Wonderful, Igor. Only wish for a bigger view than large. would prefer the bottom cropped so she was on a sliver of support. I think off the top, too. The square stifles much of the fluidity and motion of the pose and fabric.

James Vincent Knowles
Truly beautiful image. This could be cropped a bit down from the top, don't you think? Nevertheless, it looks as if it would make an excellent silver print - one I'd be happy to own. Gorgeous figure study! Well done!

domenico foschi
Yes!! Perfect composition , i am not usually a fan for sharpness , but your planar is an indidpensable toll to reproduce the creases of the drape in such a tactile manner , Added to this thesoft lighting and the uneven background makes it for an image created with great taste .

Dylan Ricci
Sculptural, dramatic, fluid, graceful...simply superb.

Allan Wallberg
Very good work! well done.

Fabrizio Jacoangeli
Really a good work, original, aestetic, emotionally strong, well composed

Steve Patterson
This is just great...very nice departure and compliment to your other work.

Scott Bulger
Beautiful image, very well done. It appears that a bit of moisture was used to make the drape a bit "clingy" in certain areas. I like the crop at the bottom, including all of the drape to a point in the corner. I would be tempted to crop from the top to create more of a diagonal wiht the suject to the corner, but withtthis being such a good back drop, this works very well. The tension and release of the drape really flows well. Nice work Igor.

Krassi Zourkova
This is the most stunning picture I have seen on this site so far. It has so much of Michelangelo's "Pieta" in it, but in such a fresh and original way, a body and cloth instead of marble... And I don't think you should crop the dark space above the figure -- it seems to weigh down on the body, and press it into revealing its shapes and gravities...

Atieh Noori
very good

Yuri Bonder
Wonderful light

Carlos Santos
Nothing more to say... as always your nude photos are a reference to me. This is just one more of the 7/7 is this serie.

Armen Yerevantsi
Undoubtfully the best work of the author.

Tom Meyer
mystery is a crowd pleaser, no? And so easy to accomplish. Explicity is easy and boring. This is the best from the set, and is very nice. I still think you need a different background... t

Guido Fulgenzi
only one word:excellent!

Nile master
Nilemaster That is a real master work. I really loved all your work , even before you could see mine .

Frunze Verdi
+ + +

Nenad Babovic
Nenad Babovic FANTASI!

Igor Amelkovich
The fine title!

Laszlo Horvath
This is like a statue. Very original ideea!

Alexandre Goutkin
Ex-x-x-x-cellent! Zdorovo! Mne ochen nravjatsa vashi raboty! Very very good works! And cool exposition!

Miriana .
8/8...if I can...All your work is just great. Plesure to see it. I'll be comming back for more...Thanks

Markos George Hionos
Excellent !!!!!

Nevil Zaveri
7/7 very interesting and hinting image. great shot that looks much like a sculpture.

Afshin Azizi
Wow,what can I say about this shot?this is perfect.7/7

George Bellace
very nice! nice concept, flawless execution! Well done.

Paul Wise
That is awesome!! Very well done.

ivana kusman
very creative work

George Koutsilieris
MASTERPIECE!!!!!Best regards.

s j
Veiled Rebecca Your Foto reminds me of An Excellently Sculptured Marble statue called"veiled Rebecaa" in one of the famous museums in INDA. I dont know whether U know about it or not, But your photo is excellent. Thats very original IGOR, hope we see more.

cynthia lively
caught my eye!! mysterious.. superb execution!

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