Vertigo #4

by Sousa Dias Nana

vertigo pentax smc fish eye mm x lisbon il sousa dias nana

Gallery: Urbanities

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Published: Friday 11th of April 2003 12:19:46 AM


Patrick MERLAY
Very impressive !

Lou Verruto
Powerful and dramatic.

Marc G.
Impresssssssive ! :-) Maybe a tad brighter in the central column, but that will be all. Brilliant angle !! Cheers.

john paskey
Really, really good. Great angle, composition, tones, subject, originality, DOF, sharpness, etc, etc.

Brian Kurotsuchi
Great use of the fisheye!

Bert Armijo
Exellent perspective and composition.

Michael Wagner
Definitely one of the best architectural photos I've ever seen.

Matthew Anderson
What really does it for me here is the straight column of balconies. A great shot.

David T
Very very nice. So many elements come together well - exposure, composition, contrast of textures.

Brad Kim
Excellent, Nana..... Congratulations!!!!

Jay Belton
Suddenly I'm very envious! I want a fisheye now! Nothing else to say but: "It's Fabulous!" Thanks! :)

Armin Seeholzer
Killer picture Very hard to top it!

JF Ochoa
Stunning picture. Great composition and perspective.

Peggy Jones
there is not enough contrast in this photo to make me feel anything, least of all vertigo. the structural object on the left is also flat-toned and heavy and I want to see more of what it obscures. good idea, fair execution.

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