Naked with a subject # 4.

by Amelkovich Igor

naked with a subject nude amelkovich igor

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Published: Thursday 10th of April 2003 11:45:34 AM


Luca Baldassarre
Another superb work, Igor, but I agree with John about the distracting millimenter of chin.
The scythe creates a fine contrast here: love & pain or love & death.

David Montroy
Also excellent.

Terry McCully
Stunning Great work here!!!!

Jaap Voets
Very nice

John Peri
Very well posed. The overall pattern created is brilliant. It's your choice obviously, but maybe without that millimetre of chin ....?

Brian Y
Beautiful tone and lighting. Like all your shots, technically excellent. The hair is nice; it complements the wet look of the skin. That scythe is scary though

Igor Amelkovich
G.J. Fontanals , Thanks!

G.J. Fontanals
I suggest a title I suggest: 'Waiting for the boy...' What do yoy think?

Yuri Bonder
Great work

vlad voloshin
good work man otlichno! a gde molot?? and what is she going to harvest? your lighting is great and environments as well. great stuff, especially since it is from Chelyabinsk, just kidding. :))

Igor Amelkovich
I shall try

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