Naked on a lap # 8.

by Amelkovich Igor

naked on a lap nude amelkovich igor

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Published: Wednesday 9th of April 2003 07:59:16 AM


Ayhab Pinchtalouf
This reiterates the lure and subtle power of the female nude. I love how the texture of her hair flows with the grain of the background. I love the dark, mysteriously enticing vortex that is created between her feet and buttocks. The weakest elements are the skull (why is it even there) and the obviousness of the arranged platform upon which she kneels. But I really like it over all.

Nicolas DAVID
perfect light, like in all this serie. Thanx for sharing.

Bobby Douglas
Full Moon Very Full, Very Nice

Geoff M
I'm wondering about the skull too. It detracts from the picture. I don't think it works in there.

Carlos Santos
Simple yet powerful...very good

Tove Ingeborg Elin Solander
The shape and hues of the body are quite lovely. Pity the silly skull prop ruins it.

Daniel Vinklar
pity for the skull! first i didn't see it..ยด. otherwise it is great, beautiful... the body, the symetry, the light... delete the skull.

Alethea Wiesner
Lovely This is a gorgeous shot, very simple and I really like the lighting - I think it might benefit from being cropped a little tighter, since she seems to be floating in the background, which doesn't offer much. (And on a personal note, she has the most magnificent ass I've ever seen. Wow.)

Kham Pha
Skull I like the photo of Igor Amelkovich very much. Regarding the skull, I think Igor wants to imply that the woman can be very beautiful physically (Look at her botton! How wonderful), but she can be very dangerous/terrible spiritually/mentally (Look at the skull! How terrible). Please don't laught at me if I've said something stupid.

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